Siri Puzzlers

I'm writing a text to my friend Julian, whose name I just spoke to fill in the "To" field. But in the text, when I say "Julian," Siri "types" "Jewelian." What the...? "Jewelian" isn't even a word or name, as far as I know.

Two days ago, Siri was getting "Hayek" flawlessly. For the last day, she has decided I must really mean "Hyatt." Did she suddenly realize she didn't like Austrian economists?


  1. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I siri-ously have never gotten this whole thing. My car has all sorts of spoken commands and such that it recognizes, but I'd much rather just push the button or type it out on the touchscreen.

    What's the deal with all of this Siri?

    1. It is called carpal tunnel syndrome.


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