Don't know crap about history

Weird Al Yankovic is a very funny man, and I enjoy many of the songs. But I was just thinking about "Amish Paradise," and realized it contained a little piece of historical nonsense. Weird Al has a line that says something about the Amish fellow going medieval on your hiney. Of course, the Amish are actually part of a vast rebellion against the medieval world, called the Protestant Reformation, and are in fact from the radical wing of that rebellion. If there's one thing the Amish are not, it is medieval!


  1. Forgive me if you know this and are just making a joke by analyzing the line at face value, but it's a play on this famous line from Pulp Fiction. So the joke is that the Amish guy would use "hiney" instead of "ass," not that "ha ha an Amish guy is old-fashioned and so pines for the medieval period."

    To put it another way, we wouldn't object, "Black American gangsters have no affinity for the Middle Ages, this makes no sense!"

    1. Bob, you don't think Weird Al intended *both* jokes at once?

      I do.

  2. And yet, earlier in the song Weird Al correctly places the origins of the Amish in the 1690s ("tonight we're going to party like it's 1699").


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