Don't Run Your Furnace!

It just drives down the outside temperature.

Nick Rowe explains.


  1. Yep!

    And while correlation does not imply causation, lack of correlation does not imply lack of causation.

  2. Ehhhh. Burning fuel does not cause P to be any value, and is not claimed to. It is claimed to reduce P - V over a range of values.

    Adjusting the thermostat is what is claimed to cause P to move to a new value, again over a range of values. As ex hypothesi it is a good thermostat you will see good correlation between the reading and P.

    So this is not a good example of causation not leading to correlation:it shows good correlation between burning and P -V and on thermostat settings and P.

    1. Ken, Nick was making a joke.

    2. He was making a point with a funny example. I have seen NR repeat the caustion/correlation thing on other sites. But the point doesn't actually follow from the example.

    3. Ah, now I see you misunderstood the analogy rather than failing to get the joke. Just what is "P - V"?


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