Thursday, April 11, 2013

Siri is clearly related to James Joyce

Here is her initial interpretation of part of the previous post:
the first English-language edition sells diet N rent, was explicit in hydrating Excel connection between Heineken king. Referring to the "paradox" the two opposing. "" Excels name, Chacko argued that "the fuck contradiction which two days team to confront each other.
What is strange is the bizarre, uncommon things Siri is sticking in above. And she seems to be in decline: My impression is that this is worse than it was a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps she is getting senile.

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  1. Google / Android is about as bad:

    Shackle in his forward to the first english-language addition of work so now you comfortable 1893 was explicit and highlighting the WIC soul connection between Hyatt and canes. Referring to the paradox the two opposing series could both convo quick so staying , shackle argued that what a contradiction in which the two series seem to confront each other was the loser


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