It's the Agribusiness, Man!

I have seen, many times, people who adhere to some non-standard diet claim that the food guidelines put out by places like the Harvard School of Public Health recommend what they do because these organizations are in the pockets of "agribusiness."

How does this fit with what is actually shown in the chart linked to above? The US has a huge beef industry... and yet Harvard is recommending very limited intake of beef.  The US produces a whole spitload of bacon... and yet bacon is out.

And why in the world would "agribusiness" care whether you ate whole grains or processed grains? Presumably their profits are similar on either. Look at the vegetable section: "french fries don't count"! McDonald's and the potato farmers must have forgotten to pay their agribusiness dues.

Limit dairy! The huge US dairy industry must have forgotten to pay up as well. And olive oil instead of butter?!

Oh, wait, I think I'm getting it: it's supposed to be Italian agribusiness that pays for these charts!


  1. Well, the subsidies certainly don't help the situation.
    Nor shall those crying out against agribusiness care too much, because they don't like the American animal products industry either.
    I've actually heard the Italians implicated recently, which was fun, but not very believable.

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    the agri-business owns the nutritionists at Harvard, etc? lol! then why aren't people lining up to be Harvard nutritionists, since it is so lucrative? I think what you're hearing, Gene, is actual agri-business propaganda.


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