CU's Smoke-Out Draws 10,000 Fans of Thoreau

...or just stoners? Either way, the cop's quote is interesting:

"There’s no way our 12 to 15 officers are going to be able to deal with a crowd of 10,000. We just can’t do strong enforcement when we’re outnumbered 700 or 800 to one.”



  1. In these times when truth is regarded as an unimportant "special interest" -- even in matters of war and global human survival -- this act of humble peaceful anarchy is something all Americans can be proud of.

    Here are some Photo webpages of the CU Boulder 420 2008 gathering:

    10,000 peaceably assemble at CU Boulder's Leader-less Annual 420 Celebration. Zero Leaders. Zero Tickets. Zero Arrests. University of Colorado at Boulder, Norlin Quad, Colorado USA -- April 20, 2008.


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