They're Finally Admitting Who's Da Best!


  1. Brian N.8:22 AM

    Justice had to be done someday.

  2. Brian N.10:03 AM

    I want to add something:

    I appreciate the work you guys do here, and even if I disagree with you; it's serious disagreement. It's not like disagreeing with typical newspaper columnists or the like. In that case, I usually dismiss them as idiots, and am confirmed right to a statistical correlation of nearly 1:1...

    Take the self-ownership discussion, for example; it pushed me (and might continue to push) to seriously think about the roots of my position, and their implications. That's not a daily thing for me.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Sidney10:14 AM

    Actually, I am very disappointed in your sparse covergae of "...secret sex tips gleaned from years spent with various Himalayan masters."

  4. Sidney,

    You are not the first to bring that up. Gene apparently engaged in shameless bait-and-switch in this internet age. I'm surprised he didn't name this site, "Austrians Gone Wild!!"

  5. Sorry. They attempted to domesticate the honoree by writing the name in ways its readers might reasonably be expected to understand. The correct spelling is "Krsh Landing" with little dots under several of the letters, and refers, of course, to the Hindu Vedas.

  6. "I appreciate the work you guys do here, and even if I disagree with you; it's serious disagreement"

    Thanks, Brian!

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