A Site-Specific Search Engine

Has anyone EVER found what he or she was looking for using a search engine on a specific site? E.g. if you want to find out a list of apple prices from 1980 onward, don't you dare search for "apple prices" at the BLS website. And just now I was trying to find the academic homepage of Robert Balling, a climate scientist at Arizona State University. I tried at first to go through the hoops of "Academics" and then different departments, but that wasn't working. In desperation I tried searching the site for "balling." Ha ha why would that work?

In all honesty, has anyone EVER found the desired information using a site-specific engine? I think I'm about 0 for 50 in such searches. I usually don't even bother anymore.


  1. Yeah, I tried putting one up here and it found NOTHING, so I took it back down.

  2. Google Search "THING YOU WANT TO SEARCH site:www.gene-callahan.org"

  3. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Has anyone EVER found what he or she was looking for using a search engine on a specific site?

    Um, yes. Any more stupid questions?

  4. Hey, I'm guessing, but by the "manners" test, I'd bet this is the same anusymous as in the Wilson thread.

  5. Anonymous8:11 AM


    Yeah, I tried putting one up here and it found NOTHING...

    This may be a deeper comment than you realize.

  6. I should have clarified that I realize you can get Google to do it. I'm talking about a site-specific search engine, not a site-specific search. See?

  7. Sidney, at least you come around and mock me in a witty manner, rather than just going for raw insult volume like last night's visitor.

    But something keeps you comin' back for more of our nothin'!

  8. Anonymous4:36 PM


    I come back for your mad dog attacks on the LRC crew. Quite entertaining (sometimes accuarte).

    Hey, I hear that Callahan writes there occasionally and this really needs to be chewed up:


  9. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Whoops, that's supposed to be "I hear Murphy writes there....

    You Irishmen all sound alike, anyway.

  10. Anonymous3:27 AM

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