A protective wall around the existing order

"The media establishment formed a protective wall around the existing order. Individuals or movements that raised issues potentially dangerous to the powers-that-be were sooner or later co-opted, discredited, or destroyed out right. Before serious challengers could achieve real political momentum, they were brought low by scandal, innuendo, or fear mongering. Only persons who accepted the reigning moral, political, economic, and cultural order could achieve political influence." -- Claes Ryn, A Desperate Man

Yes. The only way an individual might actually be able to survive the media onslaught that descends on every outsider candidate would be if he:

1) Were very wealthy, so he didn't have to worry about the donor class rejecting him.

2) Didn't care in the least about scandal. His reputation already was scandalous!

3) Was an egomaniac so that the constant attempts at smearing him simply slid off him.

4) Was a master manipulator of the media, so that he could outplay them at their games.

So, the choices are:

1) Elect someone like that, if anyone like that should happen to come along; or

2) Just accept that the status quo will continue on and on and on and on.


  1. When has an outsider ever changed things successfully from the top down? Hasn't it always been a movement?

    1. Well, an outsider always needs a movement to reach the top.


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