Great Minds Think Alike...

and so do Scott Adams and I:

"Have you wondered why Republican Bill Kristol and others are looking for a third-party candidate who will guarantee a Clinton win over Trump? That’s probably because they know Clinton is in the pockets of the defense industry, and perhaps so are they.

"The defense industry needs America to fight wars. History suggests Clinton will be a normal president who starts wars when the defense industry tells her to do so. Trump is less likely to play that game because he doesn’t need their money. That makes Trump the lower risk of starting a war. He has no profit motive."


  1. Not really. Different parts of the defense industry profits from different things. The most profitable areas, tech and advanced weaponry, benefit from peace and lose out to more basic expenditures in war. Peace may impair military careers but I haven't found the military war mongers. That doesn't say Trump won't be more willing to cut defense, though that wall will be expensive, but war probably won't have much to do with it.


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