Wealthy White Man Shot at Country Club

Black janitor accused of crime.
IP, Verywhitetown, Connecticut, June 22, 2016
Thaddeus Gotbucks was found dead in the clubhouse of the Verywhitetown Country Club Tuesday evening just after he had finished a round of golf. Jeremiah Poboy, the club's janitor, who had been heard arguing with Gotbucks earlier in the day, has been charged with the murder.
The town said that they intend to appoint a jury of twelve of Gotbucks' fellow club members, all of whom happen to be white. When Poboy complained that this jury would be biased, a spokesperson for the town called Poboy "a racist who thinks whites aren't competent to serve on juries."


Wow, that's a pretty bad distortion of Poboy's actual complaint, isn't it?

It would be as though I complained about a particular judge who I thought was biased against me because of my plan to invade Uzbekistan. I say, "I guess as an Uzbek, he might not like me."

And in response the press claimed, "Callahan1 is a racist who believes Uzbeks are not competent to be judges." (Even though Uzbek is not a race.)

Or if I was going to build a wall between the US and Canada, and I suggested that this judge of of Canadian descent might be biased against me because of my plan.

And in response the press claimed, "Callahan2 is a racist who believes Canadians are not competent to be judges."

If you are ready to buy into anything like the press claims about Poboy, or Callahan1, or Callahan2, or similar claims about someone, say, running for president, then you have been hypnotized in advance to receptive to the idea. It certainly isn't backed by what actually occurred in any of the above three scenarios.


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