Stop fetishizing the latest technology

The brain was not a mechanical device in 1750, just because such devices were the cutting edge of technology then. And brains are not computers today, just because computers are the latest whiz-bang technology.


  1. On the other hand - it is not inconceivable that some future whiz-bang technology might provide us with a good model of how the brain works, is it ?

  2. Computers couldn't beat humans in 1960, because they can't truly think about strategy.

    Computers can't appreciate a poem in 2016, because they can't truly think about art.

    1. They still can't think about strategy, Silas. They don't think at all.

    2. By the way, this is like the 20th time you have posted this same dumb argument. The fact that computer technology is improving has *absolutely no bearing* on whether AI is a real thing!


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