Worst sentence ever?

I'm staying over somewhere and, looking for something to read, I found a novel by James Patterson and Andrew Gross. I've never read Patterson, but I know he is kind of a book factory, and I assume the authorship actually means that Gross wrote it with Patterson's supervision. Well, I figured I would give it a try.

On page 56, there is a scene where a man is being seduced, and the authors write: "His 54-year-old cock flopped around in his pants like a cod in a catch basket."

OK, this book was written by two men, and I don't think I am gender stereotyping if I guess that both of them have penises. For all of you out there who also have penises, and even for those of you who may not have one but have ever actually witnessed one in action, have any of you ever seen one behave anything remotely like a cod flopping around in a catch basket?


  1. I can't say. Because I have never seen a cod flopping around in a catch basket. :-)


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