Bizarre, Alien Customs

I've always known of certain strange, alien folkways, practices such as putting those big plates in your lips like above, or fire walking, or making your bed every morning, or mixing your own cleaning fluids from concentrates when you can just buy a new bottle that is already mixed. And I have never minded if others want to follow those folkways, so long as they don't try to get me involved in them.

Well, I now know of another: the people in Tuscany eat white bread. I don't mean they eat white bread with butter on it, or dipped in oil, or lathered in honey. No, at a restaurant, the waiter brings out a basket of dry, white bread, and the diners begin to simply eat it, as is.

Again, I don't mind if they do it, but I think I'd do the plates in my lips first.


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Even when I did eat bread I always went for the whole wheat variety because of its flavor. White bread tastes like crap in my opinion. Almost like a weird chemical taste. Yuck!


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