Homemade Yogurt

It's trivial to make. There are two ingredients:


My son said, "Dad, if we have ingredient two, why do we need ingredient one?"

Well, the reason is, we can make lots of yogurt with a little yogurt. This is especially great if you have some favorite brand, but it is quite expensive.

Just bring a half-gallon of milk to a near boil, then let it cool back down to about 110 Fahrenheit. Add a small cup of your favorite plain yogurt. Cover it, put it some place warm (near a heater, in a partially cooled oven), and wait overnight: yogurt!


  1. This may be the first recipe that I will not botch horribly.

  2. The two key points are to catch the milk just before it boils, and get the yogurt in when it is still warm but has cooled enough not to kill the cultures. If you have a thermometer, that will make it very easy.


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