Friday, January 27, 2012

Those Durned Prepositions

They are extremely tricky to get down in any new language. I've just bought a guide to Italian prepositions, and in it I have discovered that, depending upon the context, the following translations of Italian prepositions into English are possible (and this is at a minimum -- I assume there are possibilities I have not yet discovered):

a  --> with, by, at, to, because, per

di  --> at, by, from, in, around, of, with

da  --> from, to, because of, for, as, by, with

in  --> after, at, in, inwards, from, on, to

per --> for, through, to, by, because, because of

su  --> about, around, in, on, up, upward

tra --> amid, among, between, for, in, of

Ooh boy.

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