A Puzzle, Seeking an Explanation

So, I am in the basement of my hotel in Florence (think how dedicated I am to you, my five readers -- I am in Florence, and instead of gawking at David I am in a hotel basement, composing blog posts!). I tried to fetch my mail via iCloud.com, but for half-a-dozen straight attempts, I was told I had entered the wrong password. And, of course, by the sixth attempt, I was typing very carefully indeed.

Perhaps the keyboard was remapped so that one (or more) of the characters I wanted to type was not coming out as I thought? (And, it being a password field, that would be something I could not see happening.) To test that hypothesis, I typed the characters into a search box at a blog, where I could see them. Everything seemed OK. Just for laughs, I copied the password and pasted it into the password field at iCloud.com. Presto! I was in.

What might explain this? And let me mention, as a constraint on possible answers, that I doubt I type my e-mail password wrongly one time out of one hundred. Positing that I typed it wrongly six times in a row just won't fly.


  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Don't forget your one incessant commenter. ;)

    I am sure that you've got more than 5 readers, though.


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