Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw?


  1. Anonymous11:56 PM

    This is a non-human example of reciprocal altruism.

  2. I see you're getting economism down!

    By the way, Ryan, did you see I revised my estimate of Rowe's model after his comments here? I was misled by his descriptions of the model.

  3. Anonymous4:37 AM

    I am firmly against model blindness. I just don't see how this should change the priors of modern people who believe that nature is very violent, typically.

    I feel like I have little to add with respect to the argument across the blogs in general, which is why for the most part I kept my head down...

  4. "the priors" -- a few more years of education, Ryan, and you will achieve complete incomprehensibility to all but 100 other people!


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