Dove trovo pipa da crack?

OK, so PSH's post has me exploring my "stats" feature a bit. One thing I found is that the above phrase, which I think translates as "How do I find a crack pipe?" led someone to my blog.



  1. A highly-ranked site (which I'm sure it is safe to assume this is!) having a higher "relevance" or ranking will lead inevitably to it being pushed ahead in a search engine results for topics it only tangentially refers to, and perhaps only piecemeal. People looking for tools to break into protected software or for tools to break into a really large cocaine crystal therefore have some chance of aligning their universe with yours. Fun, eh?

    I remember one time reading somebody's screed against the really awkward and ugly topic (of a salacious nature) that had become linked to their blog. Ironically, by explicitly mentioning the phrase that their blog had been linked to, they only reinforced the association, as well as gave onlookers something to point and hoot at. On the plus side, they had recognized the issue and could have taken steps to eliminate its skewing effect on their statistics.

    Look up "Google Bomb" if you want to see the dynamics of it. It seems oddly suitable for an economics blog to be subject to an economic force of phrases (something like labor competitiveness, maybe, if you take level of "relevance" to a search engine algorithm as the key factor driving excellence to the fore of even rather sub-standard markets, like cracked objets d'art used in the consumption of cocaine).

    Part of me wonders if sending out strange search queries in hopes of prompting the blog owners to treat a topic explicitly is the latest tactic used by the same folks who carpet-bomb old blog comments with nonsensical quasi-stories laced with brand-name pharmas.

    This is why many people prefer not to click directly on a website link from Google - to maintain the element of surprise.

    I hope that's of some use.

  2. Oddly enough, I've noticed that Google Analytics and Blogger disagree on a lot of things. I think both have to be taken with a grain of salt.

  3. Interesting, Edwin: I hadn't thought of the "Cracked" in my title!


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