What Do You Call a Virus That Has Infected 90% of the Computers in the World

slowing them to a crawl and making them crash repeatedly?


The pain of having to use the Windows -- Internet Explorer combo is almost unbearable. Within five minutes on the hotel computer, using only one program -- IE -- written by the same people who had written the OS, the computer was locked up so hard I had to pull the plug. Every single time I try to use iCloud to fetch my mail the browser locks up completely. But even doing other things, not requiring advanced Web capabilities, is awful beyond belief. I simply switched between two IE windows at one point, and started counting because it was taking so long. Well, from the moment I began doing my "one-one-thousands" on, it took over forty seconds for the window I had clicked on to display. And this was a page that was already loaded!


  1. How much memory does your computer have? I use Windows all the time, and virtually the only thing that ever grinds to a halt on me is iTunes.

  2. Huff, the thing is, it isn't (wasn't) my computer -- it was the computer of the Best Western in Florence.


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