Aren't These Twenties Lying on 34th Street?

The Knicks have two highly efficient shooters on the team: Steve Novak hits 48% of his threes, while Tyson Chandler hits 69% of his shots. The gives them adjusted field goal percentages of 67% and 69% respectively. Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony has an AFG% of 43%.

Yet Anthony shoots nearly twice as many shots per game as... Chandler? Novak? No, he shoots nearly twice as many shots per game as the two of them combined. So the Knicks offense is continually passing up a 7 in 10 shot at a bucket for a 4 in 10 shot.

Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?


  1. Anthony needs to go. He really is trying to fit in because the team did so well while he was out, but he just can't play team basketball. Besides his inefficiency, his style turns everyone else into bystanders (most notably Fields). Novak is sick. Chandler is not sick (on offense, anyway) and should keep doing what he's doing. And Lin needs to grow a left hand.

    It blows my mind how little anyone in the NBA talks about FG%.


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