Is This Really Possible?

My latest mind candy has been Midsomer Murders, which I get from Netflix. These aren't particularly great mysteries, but the detective, Barnaby, reminds me of my father, so perhaps that is why I have been watching them.

In any case, Barnaby's wife, Joyce, loves cooking. She cooks all the time, studies up on the subject, and yet... a running joke is that her cooking is awful. So awful that when she goes away and leaves Barnaby and his daughter a casserole to eat, they opt for Indian takeout instead, which itself is generally pretty damned mediocre food.

I have never seen anything like this. I think if someone wants to learn to cook, and keeps plugging away at it, they will learn to cook, so long as they have an IQ above 60 or 70. (And Joyce is not portrayed as being mildly retarded!)

Has anyone ever encountered something like this: a person of normal intelligence who applies herself to cooking but simply cannot master it at all?


  1. Possible, but unlikely, unless she can't smell or has a really short attention span. She could be one of those people who loves process and doesn't care about the end-product- the culinary analog to those people who liked the Occupy (whatever) assemblies.

    1. I hadn't thought of an organic defect like lacking a sense of smell.


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