Why Caplan Doesn't Care About How Many Illegal Immigrants Enter the Country

He explains it:
Indeed, I've wanted to live in a Bubble for as long as I can remember. Since childhood, I've struggled to psychologically and socially wall myself off from "my" society. At 40, I can fairly say, "Mission accomplished."

Why put so much distance between myself and the outside world? Because despite my legendary optimism, I find my society unacceptable. It is dreary, insipid, ugly, boring, wrong, and wicked.
 Of course, if the society you live in is "dreary, insipid, ugly, boring, wrong, and wicked," then what the hell? If it is taken over by Klingons, it can't get any worse, and it just might get better.


  1. Libertarianism offers the socially awkward an escape from the seemingly innumerable obligations "society" entails.

  2. If it is taken over by Klingons...

    That's the most racist thing you've ever written, Gene.

  3. I quite disagree with both of you. The society we live is dreary, insipid, ugly, and boring, and arguably wrong and wicked. It could most certainly be a lot worse, though.


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