Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Very Marxist Is Rothbardian Analysis

It was very interesting to me to hear the explanation given by a prominent Rothbardian for the persistence of "statist" beliefs: it is because the state pays intellectuals to make the case for its existence, and they then spread those ideas to the populace: Plato and Hobbes were just paid off, or they would have been anarchists.

The funny thing is that, as with the Marxists, this analysis does not apply to them: I'm sure the fellow does not believe that he just holds Rothbardian ideas because he gets paid to do so, despite the fact he does get paid to do so.

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  1. The idea that states need to pay intellectuals to legitimize themselves is itself bogus.

    The state by virtue of being a monopoly on violence does not need to worry about ideas.

    From my reading of Tocqueville in L'Ancien Regime et La Revolution, I recall that the French monarchy tolerated the most far-reaching dissent in public speech and discourse. As long as people wasted time on mental masturbation, the monarchs could afford not to care what people thought of them.


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