What the Hell Is This?

I was looking up my new book on Amazon tonight to send a friend the link, and ran across this:

Whatever it is, it costs $40. Down in little letters in the bottom left, you'll note it is "High quality content by Wikipedia articles."

So apparently, AI has gotten to the point where Wikipedia articles are now able to write books themselves.

But really, please tell me that someone is not printing out the four paragraphs on me at Wikipedia and then charging people $40 for the printout. Because that would be really slimy.


  1. Otto Kerner7:16 PM

    For sure, that's what they're doing. Wikipædia's license allows commercial use.

    I started that article a number of years ago, so I may be the person second-most qualified to be annoyed by this development.

  2. Hey, thanks Otto!

    So these people are going to put one piece of paper between two covers and ship it to you for $40?



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