Blogger Complaint Week

Since it is Blogger complaint week, let me ask: Why does Blogger make it so hard to link to YouTube videos? My friend is in a video that just got posted, and I wanted to put it up here. But...

I paste the exact title into Blogger's "Search YouTube" feature, and Blogger finds all sorts of related videos... but not the right one. (I am supposing that is due to its newness.) So I tried just pasting the URL in... and that results in all sorts of completely unrelated videos being returned.

Why in the world can't the geniuses at Google recognize a URL in the search field? (Ten years ago, Java already had a class with a built-in method that could recognize a valid URL.) Or, if that is too much to ask, have a separate "search by URL" function.

Well, I'll put the video up when Blogger deigns to allow me to do so.


  1. I'm not sure what you're trying, but the following works: Go to the YouTube video itself, and click on the share button. Then choose embed, and (after making whatever adjustments you want to the size) copy and paste the HTML into your post.

    1. Thanks, PS. I missed the fact that the button that used to say "Embed" had been changed to say "Share."


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