Well, There Are Different Levels of Nice!

Just because he is a cannibal doesn't mean he's not nice:

'Eugene's mother said last month that her son was "a nice kid" who could have been subdued with a Taser rather than gunfire.'

Mam, your son had chewed off three-quarters of a living man's face. I think shooting is a bit too good for him, frankly. 


  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I would have shot him if I happened upon that situation. I am not going to say that tasing is too good for him, because it is obvious that he was quite messed up in the head. However, when you happen upon a guy having a bit of étoufface, you don't think about options, you just do whatever comes first. If that happens to be a gunshot or two, then so be it.

    I do find the comments under that story that you linked to pretty interesting. Apparently, because he had marijuana in his system there are people who are taking this as meaning that marijuana is what caused the incident. Not only is it clear that that is not the implication being made, but I highly doubt that such a thing is possible (marijuana psychosis studies notwithstanding).

  2. Whenever we encounter zombie-like behavior, we will likely shoot rather than engage in non-violent restraining procedures. This is because the zombie movies have reinforced in us the need to shoot while the zombie is still too far away to infect us. I worry about folks with certian illnesses- after all this face-eating, a slow zombie like walk might be enough to set off the trigger happy.


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