Now, There's an Actor Who Can Do Accents!

I had mentioned on Facebook that Liam Neeson, while a good actor (as far as I can judge actors, which ain't too far!), is bad at accents: when he plays an American, his Irish breaks out about once per line.

Contrast that with Idris Elba: I watched several seasons of him playing Stringer Bell in The Wire, and never had the least suspicion that he wasn't a Yank. Perhaps the fact that he grew up hearing a number of accents every day helped? (His father was from Sierra Leone, his mother from Ghana, and he grew up and was schooled in London.)


  1. Have you seen Elba in Luther? Available on Netflix. Bad guys are very dark, definitely not a kids show. But definitely worth a look.

    1. I just watched all ten episodes: it's how I found out he is English!

  2. Sweet. They may do a third season this fall. Fingers crossed.


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