That's Monkey Food!

Have you ever offered someone a salad and had them respond "No thanks! That's rabbit food"?

Is there possibly a dumber complaint about some type of food than "Some other animal eats that"? When these people are offered fruit, do they say, "Yuck! Monkey food"? A steak? "Disgusting! Wolf food!" Some clams? "Gross! Octopus food!"

Perhaps their diet consists of cheetos, gummy bears, and slim jims.


  1. I think the point of that expression is to relate the person to the X-vore, not to appeal to its being gross. That is, you're weak like a rabbit for eating rabbit food, so it doesn't carry over to a monkey or wolf comparison.

    1. You think it is a way of insulting the person offering you the food?! Well, Silas, I suppose in your hands almost anything can be used as an insult--and that's why we love you, Silas!-- but I guarantee you that when I have heard the expression, that is not how it has been used.

    2. Silas, you're still alive!

  2. I don't understand why eating nothing but cheetos, gummy bears, and slim jims would be absurd!


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