How Can Google Possibly Be So Bad at Generating HTML Code?

Look at the previous post on this blog. I pasted in text from MS Word that was all in the exact same font. Blogger switched fonts twice in the first four paragraphs!

Why? The HTML code created is not only wrong, but so complex I really can't be bothered to sort the problem out. Google could create:

1) Simplistic code that didn't try to get everything correct from the original Word document, but was easy to correct; or
2) Complex code that nailed your original formatting, so that you'd have no need to correct it.

Instead, I get complex code that messes up my original formatting in significant ways.



  1. Copy and paste the text into Notepad or a similar program. (There must be counterparts for Mac and Linux, but I don't know what they are.) Then copy it again.

    There really should be a keyboard shortcut for "copy without formatting," or even just "purge formatting from clipboard contents."

    1. You can also paste the text into Blogger in HTML mode. But I *wanted* my formatting to come through: just not come through all mangled!

    2. Try Ctrl-Shift-V (or Cmd-Shift-V on a Mac) to paste without formatting. I haven't tried it on Blogger specifically, but it works in most programs.

  2. Hmm. What version of Word are you using? In Word 2007 (for Windows anyway), you can try Publish > Blog.


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