I Have Never Been So Sad...

At the end of any sporting event in my life. When Doc Rivers pulled the starters tonight with 40 seconds left, there were tears running down his face. The big three had been brought together by the market, but they and Rondo had become true teammates. They should have had more than one championship, if Perkins hadn't gone down against LA in 2010, and if management hadn't idiotically traded him in 2011. (Yeah, going with Shaquille O'Neal, that was a great strategy.)

But now they are done: it was clear in the fourth quarters of the last two games that the big three are now too old to be the main cogs of a championship team. They each might have a couple of good years left as role players somewhere, but Boston needs to rebuild around Rondo to have a chance at another championship in a couple of years. But the sport is going to miss this combination, and their example of true comradery.


  1. I was thinking about it, and I think I'm with you (even though they haven't been a team for that long). I've become fed up with Garnett's dirty play and tough guy act, and Ray Allen's defense has become a complete embarrassment, but I love Doc Rivers and there were times this season where their overall team defense was exhilarating to watch. Pierce is still a beast, and if Rondo can make that jump shot he's been giving us peaks at a little more reliable he'll be an MVP candidate. Both conference finals were sad for people that love team basketball, although the Thunder are less objectionable than the Heat.

  2. Good evening, Dr. Callahan.

    Well, as a Laker fan, I hate the Celtics. But, I must admit, I was pulling for them to beat the Heat. They (the Celtics) play basketball the right way and, but for s silly decision to trade Perkins for Jeff Green(!?!), they may have made the Finals one more time.

    My Lakers made the mistake of making decisions for next season based on a one-time event this year.

    Here is to OKC winning in six and to the Lakers renewing their rivalry with the blasted -- but respected -- Celtics.

    1. "Well, as a Laker fan..."

      I thought you had chosen your screen name because you are AGAINST evil!


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