Urban Wildlife

I stepped out of the door of my building this evening to be met by... a opossum! (Sorry, but where I grew up, nobody but nobody said the initial 'o', so for us, it is "a opossum.") Here in the most densely populated section of Brooklyn, scooting across Clinton Street.

My daughter and I followed him as he crept through the front yards of three brownstones. He and I then stopped and stared at each other from about fifteen feet apart, and had a brief conversation. (Well, frankly, it was mostly me doing the talking: "What a handsome little fellow!" "That surely is a most prehensile tail you have there!" and so forth.)

We then bid each other good night, and my daughter and I went on our way, and he on his.


  1. Happy you! Our local hedgehogs always try to look the other way when I try to talk to them.

    1. Have you tried complimenting them as I did with the opossum?


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