Just Keeping You Up-to-Date on the Sprint to the Finish Line

Since my last post on the GOP nomination "battle," the delegate tally is:

Romney: 190
Paul: 13

Romney is now ahead of Paul in delegate count 1169 to 118. Paul just lost his home state to Romney by over 800,000 votes, out of 1.4 million cast.

I really don't keep posting these to rub it in. I would have loved to see Paul beat Romney: I don't agree with Paul on everything, but Romney is bloody awful. Instead, I am urging those who kept saying that "Paul has a very good shot at the nomination," or "It is treason to [state the plain fact that] Paul has no shot" to ask yourself: What the f&*k was I thinking? Because somehow, your thoughts here had become utterly disconnected from reality.


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