A Paradox?

My neighborhood in Brooklyn has far more small business owners than any place I have lived before. And it is also about the most Democrat-leaning place I have lived. In 2008, I think one of my kids classes voted 22-1 for Obama in their mock election.
On the other hand, Staten Island is solidly Republican. And who lives there? Cops and firemen.


  1. How about a similar related paradox?

    Statistician Douglas Hubbard regularly advises public sector agencies and private corporations on "decision analysis".

    In his conversations, he is amazed to find that a very large number of public sector workers see the private sector as the beacon of efficiency and the public sector as a pit of ineptitude and failure.

    And when he speaks to executives in private businesses, he finds they often wish they were like the military or other government-based departments in their analyses and achievements.

  2. Race?
    Staten Island has bigger white population.

    1. Than my neighborhood? (I am comparing SI to my neighborhood, not to Brooklyn.)

      In any case, I think everyone of these liberal entrepreneurs that I know is white.

  3. Another paradox: America's most successful private schools (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc.) tend to be more liberal than your average state school.

  4. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I saw a gay couple at Chick-fil-A today.


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