How to Make Sure Your System Comes Out on Top in Every Debate

"In the first place, there can’t BE any externalities in a purely private property society because the costs can always be internalized." -- Mattheus von Guttenberg

Ancap: In a purely private property society is a society in which everything will function perfectly.

Skeptic: But wait... what about the lack of a court of last appeal for disputes?

Ancap: There cannot BE any lack of things a purely private property society, because in one, as I think I mentioned, everything will function perfectly. Any other questions?


  1. I pity the poor strawmen you choose to wheel out and wail on.

    1. I did not know you were made of straw, Mattheus!

  2. I'm not sure that you'll respond to this considering the age of this post, but the issue of externalities as it relates to law has always confused me, especially when it comes to libertarianism. If X is made illegal, then isn't that all that matters in these cases? I mean, I'm not sure I see a difference between banning X and tort law that covers damages resulting from X if there's some sort of legal measure in place.


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