Is This the New Normal?

Today my son and I went to use the athletic facilities at my college. Near where we were, one of the women's athletic teams -- I'm not going to say which one, as my goal is social commentary and not the humiliation of an individual -- was practicing. This team's forty-something, male coach was addressing them, and was doing so with a stream of obscenities ("you lazy little f#*ks don't give a s;&t") that made me embarrassed I had brought my son there.

Is this now normal, that a forty-year-old man can address late-teen girls in this way with no fear of reprisal?


  1. I am not in the US, but I don't believe obscenities in formal environments are so easily tolerated in our age. May vary from country to country, but I am sure it's not common. In school, the last teacher who was too casual with the language he used around students (and teachers) lost his job.

    The likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs can use obscenities in the workplace, because of their status and the value they command. And they used their naughty tongues with impunity.

  2. It is actually worse; if he didn't treat them like that, they wouldn't respect him. The man has to thread a very strange needle to keep his job.


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