How to Improve Immigration Policy: Well, Make It, Like, Good, Right?

I have been invited to contribute a piece on immigration to a magazine, but I have not written it yet because I'm just not sure what to say. I know things are pretty broken now with our immigration system, but so do most people. I did not want to write my piece until I had some concrete suggestions to make, and, frankly, the problem continues to stump me. Rather than write some piece of empty fluff, I have waited, and thought.

Well, haven't I been the fool! Empty fluff is just what major national news outlets are looking for on the subject: just see this piece from Ali Noorani. It claims it will tell candidates how to "fix immigration." And what is this fix? Well, immigration policy must be "pragmatic." "Poll after poll shows a broad spectrum of Americans want a rational immigration process." The new policy should be "creative." And the author assures us "that Americans of all stripes hunger for a new consensus on immigration."

Of course, we don't have such a consensus, which is why we have the problem we do. The author's solution seems to be, "Well, just go get a stinkin' consensus, and make sure it's pragmatic, rational, and creative!"


  1. Could use the opportunity to troll. I often push for virtually open borders, so long as immigrants pay taxes but receive no benefits, because that position just infuriates everyone.

  2. How about this: auction residency permits. It would attract the best and brightest as immigrants, would compensate for any social externalities immigration might cause, and it could help deal with the deficit (if you're into that sort of thing). It's creative, rational, pragmatic, and hasn't a hope of being enacted.

    1. The thing that really troubles me is how to handle illegals humanely, given that I don't think open borders is a sensible policy.


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