Why Are Racists So Hepped Up About Racism?

Ron Unz furthers destroys the racists on IQ.

What is curious is how they are so anxious that their evidence of racial intelligence differences be maintained that they show up here, out of the blue, to chastise me for these posts.

What would make them so anxious about this? I think the reason is pretty clear: they are failed individuals themselves, so they cling to "racial superiority" as a slim link to maintain some self-respect.

UPDATE: Mises on the same point: 'From the pluralis logicus (and from the merely ceremonial pluralis majestaticus) we must distinguish the pluralis gloriosus. If a Canadian who never tried skating says, "We are the world's foremost ice hockey players," or if an Italian boor proudly contends, "We are the world's most eminent painters," nobody is fooled.'


  1. What is a racialist? A racist that doesn't want to be called one?

    1. I think perhaps a distinction is being made between those who mnerely think blacks are inferior and those who think that and want to do something legally about it.


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