Selection Bias

A friend of mine used to bartend. She found out that one of her customers was a call girl. One day, the woman told her, "You know, all men cheat on their wives."

Well, for certain, all of her married, male customers cheat on their wives!

UPDATED per Blackadder's spot-on comment.


  1. Not all, just all the married ones.

  2. Unless her husband was a customer.

    1. I think there was a line in Leon aka "The Professional", in exactly such a situation: "Hey, how about workin' at home today, baby?"

      (The answer, of course, is that it would contract GDP. Lie back and think of the economy!)

    2. That was pretty clever, Silas. I just wish Gene would say my comments were "spot-on" too. I guess it's Love on Blackadder Day.

    3. Bob, you know I always think you are "spot on," even when you are wrong. That's how much I love you, man.


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