Where Am I?


  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Manhattan, near Little Italy.

  2. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I was wrong, you're in Philly.

  3. Anonymous11:00 PM

    1. Philadelphia City Hall, courtyard, looking south.

    2,3. South street between 4th and 5th, looking north.

    1. You a Philadelphian, argosy?

    2. Anonymous11:41 PM

      Never been there... I figured it out with google/tineye to see if I could. I can't resist a challenge.

      I figured it must be somewhere in NY or Pennsylvania based on reading your blog, and the street signs are in English. So then I googled 'beyond the wall' which seems to be a defunct poster store headquartered in Pennsylvania with at one time 5 retail locations... anyways there are still addresses for it online, with one in philadelphia, which Google Maps street view confirmed as image #1. From there, the birdseye led me immediately to the location of #2, by the distinctive black roof of one building.

      #1 was the hardest, although a city hall was actually my first guess, The shot from inside the courtyard threw me off the scent, since the architectural ornament is quite different on the inside (and i was assuming a shot from a sidewalk). I tried to track it down from the art-deco skyscraper in the background, which only lead me back to the city hall, which I had already discarded. So I reverse-image searched it on tineye and google image search, which turned up one almost identical but unlabeled shot. "visually similar images" eventually got me the answer.

      If you ever come to Toledo, OH (before I move away, of course) I'll give you a tour of the highlights.

    3. Nice work, Argosy!


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