The Revolution You Get Will Not Be the One You Planned

"Their protest [Shay's rebellion] was sparked by high taxes worse than any stamp requirement or duty on tea the British had formerly imposed." -- Madison and Jefferson, p. 146

And it only took four years to get there!


  1. The title of this post is definitely quotable material. It neatly sums up in one single sentence one of the problems (if not THE problem) with rationalistic, let's-replace-everything-we-have-with-this-great-system-I'tve-come-up-with ideas to improve the world. It made me think of the French Revolution. I'm not sure that was your intention. But it does fit nicely in the context of several things you've been writing.

    1. Yes, the French Revolution is the paradigm of the phenomenon the title describes.

      Yes, please, let's make step-by-step improvements in what we've got, and not think we can build a new society from scratch!


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