I Am Not on a Vendetta Against Rothbardians...

it's tough love. Ed Feser on why harsh rhetoric can be quite appropriate at times:
Sometimes, "breaking the spell" of a powerful rhetorical illusion requires equal and opposite rhetorical force (if I can borrow Dennett’s phrase). When you treat an ignorant bully arguing in bad faith as if he were a serious thinker worthy to be engaged respectfully, you only reinforce his prestige and maintain the illusion that he might be onto something. You thereby make it easier for people to fall into the errors the bully is peddling.


  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    If I am reading the context right, why are you entertaining my thoughts at all? Respectfully, at that? There is much more than "rhetorical force" at play in any correspondence amongst individuals, is there not?

  2. We know it isn't a vendetta. Vendettas tend to be mildly interesting.

    1. August, I think this post exhibits a performative contradiction!


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