Google translate renders "Ten thirty in the morning" in Spanish as "1030 en la mañana."

Well, I was pretty sure in knew which digits the Spanish used to write "ten thirty." I was more wondering what words they would use.


  1. Off topic: I am just listening to a great piece of music you might appreciate, since you seem to like bella Italia quite much.

    Have a look at Mike Patton's record Mondo Cane:

    I am absolutely hooked, although this is really not the kind of music I normally listen to.. I guess I am starting getting old.

  2. If you're still wondering, "Diez y media de la mañana" is how I would say it (literally "half past ten of the morning").

    1. Thanks. I knew it was like that, but I now have the Italian words all muddled in my head with the Spanish ones.


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