I Feel Very, Very Disoriented

I have this delusion I just read a sensible post discussing abortion that tries to see the truth in the position of each side of the debate.

Of course, if such a thing had really been written, then Mitt Romney and Barack Obama would reveal that they have secretly been lovers for years, Elvis would come out of hiding, Bob Murphy would begin winning his online debates with me, and Brad DeLong would start acting decently towards those with whom he disagrees. So I know I am hallucinating, but what a moment!


  1. What I notice is that the author refused to go check the biology. It isn't a sensible post. There are categories of rape, like statutory rape, where, though the state doesn't recognize consent, nature certainly does- so the stats may not be completely made up, but there are no doubt some government padding, and some rueful lies contained in that 32,000 number.
    Nor does it have any real bearing on the issue of abortion, much like these "what-if" scenarios pro-torture people like to bring up whenever someone points out that water-boarding is wrong.

  2. Yeah, that's not such a sensible post. Look at this bit:

    "Akin is still fighting MacKinnon and still seems to believe that acknowledging certain rapes as “legitimate” crimes will result in victory for man-hating feminists"

    That's distorting what Akin meant by legitimate, and McCarthy knows it, as he proves earlier.

    (And Murphy will never win those debates.)


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