Wasn't That Celebration a Bit Much?

When the US beat Spain for the Olympic gold yesterday, the American players were all dancing, jumping up and down, and what not.

Come on now: This was almost every one of the best players in the NBA beating a team that, if it played in the league, probably wouldn't make the playoffs. (Yes, the Gasols are pretty good, but they also aren't Kobe or LeBron or Durant.)

Just imagine if I debated B. Murph on anarchism, and just narrowly defeated him in the debate! You sure as heck wouldn't see me dancing. I'd be looking kind of sheepish, thinking, "Gee, that was kind of embarrassing."


  1. Others might say that you severely underestimated your opponent... but, who knows. ;) Talking about Spain, of course.

    1. By the way, Jonathan, I was actually rooting for Spain, for the same reason I rooted against Miami: piling all the best guys in one team just seems unfair to me. And Pau played a great game!

  2. Anonymous1:24 AM

    I don't know if I *can* imagine that. ;)

  3. Gene if you beat me in a future debate, the angels will be shocked.


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