Newly Maid Math

Two weeks ago our maid asked for a $15 raise to her $75 weekly fee. She told my wife that she needed the money because of the high price of gasoline. In this economic climate the request was audacious, and of course it was denied.

Our maid has been working with us about a year. She drives a compact car that should get at least 25 miles per gallon in the city, and she lives approximately 15 miles away. I suggested to my wife that we generously offer her $2 a week fuel stipend, which would be rescinded when gasoline returned to mid-2007 prices. My wife has more social intelligence than I, so she did not pursue this.

When our maid started working with us she put in five hours for her fee. After a few weeks, with greater efficiency, she reduced her hours to four, and maintained four hours for almost a year. Yesterday, she left after 3 hours. Me thinks she thinks she has found another way to get a big raise.

We’re looking for a new maid.


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