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I just found HyperGeertz today (just a couple of minutes ago, in fact), and they have this nice page of photos. You'll notice that at the top of the page, there is a lot of material warning you not to do anything but "watch" the photos on the page you are on. (Who "watches" a photo? Will they get up to something if they are not watched?)

This brought to mind a question I've had for some time: Let's say I use an "img" tag to display one of those photos on this page.

(Not that I would ever do that, after such a stern warning: this is purely hypothetical, mind you!)

What have I done? I have not made my own copy of their photo. I have not moved it to my site. I have essentially just made a little window on my site through which to see a portion of their site. Surely this is the kind of thing for which the Web was created!

Does anyone know the copyright status of such a (purely hypothetical!) maneuver?


  1. It's legal - although server operators will sometimes do some nasty image redirect to punish perceived bandwidth thieves.


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