I Now Have a Pet Fly

At least for a few hours. He was sitting outside, on the porch, inside a cooler we had left out to "freshen up." I thought he must be dead -- how could he possibly be alive, at 38 degrees? -- but when I shook the cooler to dump him and the rest of the contents out, he began crawling, on what looked to be three or four legs. (Where could the rest of his legs have vanished to, without the process killing him?)

I could not possibly abandon such a stalwart fellow, so I brought the cooler inside. Twelve hours later, he is still gimping around inside the cooler. I tried giving him some bread, but he seems uninterested. Shy of putting into the cooler the traditional food of flies -- I really don't want to go there -- what else should I try to feed him?


  1. A small dab of any sugary liquid? Jelly maybe? Remember, flies must use their saliva to liquify solid foods, so giving it food that is already liquid makes it much easier, especially since it is injured.

    Or, you can just kill him and get on with your life. Your call. LOL

  2. I am almost afraid to ask, but did you name him?

  3. Of course. And The jelly worked like a dream.

    What's that scary picture that now appears next to your posts?

  4. I am glad to hear that it worked, I figured that it would. So, what did you name you new little pet?

    "what's that scary picture..."

    Um, that's me. What's so scary about it? I originally put up a picture of me riding in a UH-60 because it was somewhat unrevealing of what I actually look like. Then I decided, what the heck, I'll put up a proper picture.

  5. Just messin with you, Joseph, you look great.

    I named the fly "Joe," after his savior.

  6. LOL!!! Thanks, Gene. I feel honored.

    No, I figured you were just messing with me. Then again, many people quiver in their boots when they first view the sexy handsomeness, the raw power of force, that is the image of Joe Fetz. LOL

  7. So, what ever happened to Joe, your pet fly? Did he ever make it?

  8. He left the cooler. That is all I know.


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